With a broad investor base ranging from high-net-worth individuals to private and publicly listed corporations and overseas investors, LFD has the experience to deliver intelligent opportunities for each investor group. Many large projects require aggregation of investors and with tried and tested structures in place, we have expertise in aligning the interests of multiple investor groups. LFD’s innovative, proven methods allow property owners to retain ownership of their land in a development vehicle geared to providing them with an enhanced return over and above the value of their site. Many developments have good foundations but lack the required team and investor group to give funders the confidence to make the project happen.


We can coordinate the required support to add weight to every development, with these strategic partnerships often being the catalyst for getting projects off the ground. LFD has a proven track record in establishing trusted relationships and collaborating with the right development partners, with more than $500M of projects currently in progress. Supported by a wide range of corporate and individual investors and consultants, we have also explored many joint venture opportunities, partnering with various developers and funds to enable projects to be realised. LFD can provide opportunities ranging from introduction of project team experience and equity investment to structured loans and end product takeout. Each prospect is carefully analysed, structured and then presented to the appropriate LFD investor group.